Andre Nathans sbin/ clean up patches

Liam Foy liamfoy at
Sun Nov 7 11:20:37 PST 2004

Matthew Dillon wrote:

:Hey Guys,
:    Andre Nathan contact me with patches at: 
:If no objections are recieved, I will commit these some time tomorrow or 
:late tonight.
:Andre's Mail:
:Liam J. Foy

   These need to be reviewed and tested, which is a lot of work.  In
   particular, strcpy->strlcpy and sprintf->snprintf conversions are
   subject to common mistakes such as mistaking a string pointer (where
   sizeof() does not produce what you want) for a string buffer (where it
   To keep the burden reasonable I think the best thing to do is to commit
   two patches a day (not more) from his set, so other developers can do
   post-reviews of them and also test the programs involved.
					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Sure this isnt a problem. I didn't plan on committing them all anyway, 
hoping someone else
would muck in also!

Liam J. Foy

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