vfsx17.patch available - continuing vfs work (expert developers only)

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Fri Nov 5 08:38:31 PST 2004

:I'm running make -j100 buildworld with /usr/obj NFS-lookback mounted
:from /home/nfs to see if it survives (the previous one didn't finish).
:I'll run other benchmarks on that mount point if it's finished.
:One thing I noticed is that, with the following line in /etc/exports
:(and is mounted to /usr/obj) one would usually get `permision denied'
:(unless you specified one of -map* options) if you for example try to create
:a file on the NFS mounted filesystem as root; with vfsx17.patch, it creates
:a file with uid = 4294967296 instead.  Is this normal?

    Yes.  You have to export and allow root permissions (or some other user
    id), or the nfs server will map everything to 'nobody'.  e.g.:

    /home -maproot=root: ...

:And if I changed the directory permission on /home/nfs, the permission
:was not propagated to /usr/obj until I restarted mountd. I don't remember
:if the same thing happens on other systems, though.

    The cache entries have a timeout.  The timeout is dynamically calculated
    based on how often the file is found to have changed but this whole area
    has been shredded and pasted back together so I would not be surprised 
    if there were some issues  DragonFly_Stable is probably even worse then
    HEAD with regards to timeouts.
					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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