Strange df(1) output

Liam Foy liamfoy at
Wed Nov 24 08:59:14 PST 2004

Hey guys,

   I booted up my machine today to fine a series of problems. First, it 
is reporting
that the machine has a full / filesystem. ls -hl shows this to not be 
over 25 MB. Here
is the df output:

> df -h
Filesystem    Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/ad0s2a   126M   118M  -1.7M   101%    /
/dev/ad0s2f   252M  10.0K   232M     0%    /tmp
/dev/ad0s2g    16G   4.1G    11G    28%    /usr
/dev/ad0s2e   252M    32M   200M    14%    /var
/dev/ad3c      73G   6.9G    61G    10%    /hd3
/dev/ad2s1     18G   9.9G   6.9G    59%    /hd2
procfs        4.0K   4.0K     0B   100%    /proc
I have successfully ran fsck with no luck. Any of you been experiencing 
such problems?
This machine is on the -DragonFly_Stable tag. Hope someone has a clue to 
solving this


Liam J. Foy

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