qd guide for porting freebsd5 drivers? (porting atheros driver).

Stu ceaser at rome.net
Mon Nov 15 02:03:47 PST 2004

Is there some kind of quick and dirty guide
for porting freebsd5 drivers to dragonfly?

since i doubt its a matter of copying the files over..

what do I need to know?
is there something on changing fbsd5 locks to dfly locks
etc and messaging??

i wanted to play around with the atheros wireless (if_ath.c) driver...

now that I got the files from freebsd cvs im a bit daunted
(i have 15 files in total from sys/dev/ath, sys/contrib/dev/ath
and sys/contrib/dev/ath/freebsd)..

and I have some rules from conf/files.i386, conf.files

Im hoping its not going to be a lot of work and that I
shouldnt need to change too much of the code at all...

maybe I have bitten more than I can chew.....

any advice is welcome.

-- stu  --
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