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R. E. Ceiver lists at
Mon May 3 16:01:11 PDT 2004

 > For what it's worth, I had the same problem (with dragonfly on the
third slice), and what's worse, I couldn't boot windows or linux
either.  Luckily I had a knoppix CD lying around so I re-installed
lilo, which easily boots all three OS's, and forgot about it (and
forgot to report it...)  This was a couple of months ago.
I'm not sure if I forgot to post it, but I installed Dfly too some 
months ago on the seconds slice, with win98 on the first. Doing as the 
README suggested, it worked after some fiddling. I've written up the 
contents of README and some additional things that seemed important to 
me at that time:


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