Heads up: DFports changes

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Wed Feb 25 10:11:22 PST 2004

:> Hi all,
:> next time you update your dfports tree, you must update
:> /usr/share/mk/bsd.port.mk and /usr/share/mk/bsd.dfport.mk too.
:cd /usr/src/mk;make all install
:- Erik
:> This should fix a lot of the problems various people mentioned
:> in the past weeks. You should also check the dependencies e.g.
:> of GTK+, if you haven't rebuild your ports after January 25th.
:> Otherwise the dependencies recorded are supposedly broken.

    cd /usr/src
    make upgrade

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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