ad0: READ command timeout

Jonathon McKitrick jcm at
Thu Feb 19 05:21:44 PST 2004

On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 07:52:11AM +0100, Tomaz Borstnar wrote:
: Jonathon McKitrick pravi:
: >and then...
: >
: >tag=0 serv=0 - resetting
: >ata0: resetting devices .. done
: >
: >Sometimes it's read, sometimes it's write.
: >Sometimes I see 'waiting for DRQ' or 'reverting to PIO mode'.
: >
: >Is this a software problem or a dying drive?  It's in a laptop, so cables
: >aren't the issue.
: I happen to see this sometimes when my notebook goes into power save 
: mode. probably in your case as well.

It happens during cvsup and buildworlds.

My other computer is your Windows box.

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