Installer: again

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Feb 15 11:44:38 PST 2004

    Ok guys, stop arguing over it.  It's obvious that whatever we produce
    needs to be a two-layered affair.  One layer to do the dirty work,
    and a higher layer to present an API.

    The most portable way of doing this is to create a bunch of utilities
    to handle the lower layer (e.g. like we already have 'fdisk' and
    'boot0cfg' and 'disklabel'... like that), which the higher layer then
    uses.  Why don't we dwell on the layering interface for a bit, it
    may be more productive.

    If we focus on that then whomever winds up doing the higher layer can
    implement it (almost) however he pleases, and if someone doesn't like
    it they can implement a different top layer :-).  


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