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-On [20040211 17:12], Dan Melomedman (dan at xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>Not entirely true. Just bind a second process to a second CPU for
>example. This is very efficient if there is no interprocess
>communication between these.

That's assuming you can even -start- a second process.  Too many open
source and/or commercial applications do not allow this.  Yeah, you're
right, but I guess my addition is your 'not entirely'. ;)

>Another con: A thread blocking on IO will block the whole process.

Is that so?  There's no way to yield() whilst blocking?

>Another pro: With many libraries you don't need to worry about mutexes,
>race conditions, and thread-safety in general if your app's design is

Isn't it always the case that if your design is right you don't have to
worry about anything? ;)

>Take a look at state threads and some of the papers there. You may
>just find a few interesting ideas there.

Will do, haven't heard of state threads before to be honest...

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