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Sat Feb 7 18:41:47 PST 2004

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> should you need anybody for non-coding stuff at the moment; - i got a 
> bit of time to kill. drop me a mail.

Things that could be done:

1: A indepth writeup of the installation process:
    	- From FreeBSD 4.x to DragonFly
    	- From the live CD (onto a system with IDE)
    	- From the live CD (onto a system with SCSI)
    	- Upgrading via cvsup, rsync

2: If you have layout experience, a "look" for the DragonFly website is
always fun.  Come up with several, if for no other reason than to get
comments going. 

3: How To: (for publishing on the site)
    	- Contribute code
    	- Contribute web site changes
    	- Provide a good bug report (what debug settings to have in the
    kernel, what info to look up when there's a crash, etc.) 

4: Provide port overrides
    	- Install various ports, and if they don't work, fiddle with them
    until they do and submit a port override.  Or at least point it out
    so someone else can look at fixing it. 	- Write up how to create 
    port override. 

5: Set up a third-party site.  Something like FreshPorts, or, more
appropriate at this time, something like the "FreshSource" concept 

(  http://www.freshports.org/ http://www.freshsource.org/ )

6: The Easy Thing: keep an eye on these DragonFly discussion groups. 
After a few months of reading them, you'll know the answers for other
folks that haven't been reading them as long.  You'll also probably
learn a lot as people talk about their projects, or at least that's been
my experience. 

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