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Chris Pressey cpressey at
Wed Feb 4 22:02:43 PST 2004

On Wed, 04 Feb 2004 23:15:22 -0600
Robert Garrett <rg70 at xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> write libdisk to ease in handling fdisk, disklabel, and newfs chores
> for installation routines

Coincidentally I was looking at the existing libdisk the other day,
trying to figure out what it was for.  I was expecting it to be used in
fdisk, disklabel et al, but apparently it's only used in sysinstall.

Since it's pretty clear DragonFly won't use sysinstall, are it and the
existing libdisk going to be culled from the source tree sometime?  It
would mean two less things to worry about, I guess.  (Or "two fewer", if
you're a grammar nut :)


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