New installation

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Feb 3 10:08:44 PST 2004

:I've just built my first installation of DragonFly yesterday :)
:Everything went very smooth, though I have some questions (I'm still
:catching up with the mailing list archives, so sorry if any of this has
:been brought up already).
:First, is it enough (and safe) to set CCVER=gcc3 on /etc/make.conf and
:rebuild eveything to start using gcc3 as the default compiler?
:Best regards,
    No, gcc3 is being worked on and probably can't be used to buildworld
    or buildkernel for at least another week and a half.  Basically gcc3
    is the build we are using to get rid of the last vestiges of the
    FreeBSD predefines (e.g. __FreeBSD__), and it does not yet have all
    the extension patches applied.  You can experiment, but I recommend
    waiting for us to clean the tree up.


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