Keyword expansion (Re: remaining bits of local hacks from FreeBSD-CURRENT)

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Feb 1 00:51:36 PST 2004

:Will someone with commit bit please checkin the following change to
:our CVSROOT/config unless we're going to put back the FreeBSD-hack
:to accept what's in CVSROOT/options. Our tag expansion is currently
:broken, and it would confuse other people or mergemaster.
:Index: config
:RCS file: /home/source/dragonfly/cvs/CVSROOT/config,v
:retrieving revision 1.1
:diff -u -r1.1 config

    I'll do this on sunday after I verify that it doesn't screw up
    CVS operations under FreeBSD (crater is still running FreeBSD).


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