naccess and AFS

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Dec 7 14:44:28 PST 2004

:Hello Matt!
:AFS uses acl:s to determine who can do what in a directory.
:Unfortunately naccess assusmes it can determine this from
:the unix user, group and mode information.
:Below is a patch that works for me...
:        -Richard

    Well, we can't quite do that, it undoes part of the purpose of naccess()
    which is to reduce the complexity of VFS's and to be able to cache the
    attr results and avoid a VFS call entirely (which will be necessary for
    efficiency when the VFS's are threaded).

    Not to say that we can't call VOP_ACCESS, only that what needs to be
    done is to have those VFSs which require further checks to set a flag
    in the returned vattr telling naccess() to do the additional check(s).
    Eventually we will be able to add code to cache that information as well.

    Would you like to have a go at doing that?


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