PCI Express

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at wxs.nl
Wed Aug 25 06:18:11 PDT 2004

-On [20040825 15:02], Chuck Tuffli (chuck_tuffli at xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>MSI is based on the 2.3 version of the PCI spec for express. Are there
>any examples of drivers that use MSI? Where are the writes going: the
>IOAPIC or the front side bus? Any pointers would be mucho mucho

Mmm, sorry, wasn't too clear in that aspect.  With uptodate MSI I meant the
header files and such have all the defines and such in place.

I am not aware of any drivers that use MSI to be honest.

>I forgot to ask the original poster what they meant by supporting
>PCIe. Is there some particular feature that you're looking for like
>error reporting, ASPM, hot plug, QoS, etc?

I think QoS and hot plugging would be very interesting for most people.

I doubt any drivers or lowlevel routines need to be rewritten to accomodate
for the shared -> point-to-point change in the specification.

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