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On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 07:58:24PM -0400, Scott Ullrich wrote:
>"Garance A Drosihn" <drosih at xxxxxxx> wrote in message:
>> I believe that the latest release of openssh provides a way that
>> you can specify other environment variables whose values will be
>> passed across an ssh connection.  I think you have to configure
>> both ends of the connection to allow each specific environment
>> variable.  But I have not installed the new version yet, so I have
>> not had a chance to see how the new feature works.
>I believe you are correct Garance.  I just finished up importing of the latest 
>version if some people could give it a try.
>Funny thing is I was about to post this to @submit! :)

I don't immediately see (understand) how

* Implemented the ability to pass selected environment variables between the
  client and the server. See "AcceptEnv" in sshd_config(5) and "SendEnv" in 
  ssh_config(5) for details

resolves, because when I hit the problem (accessing Linux from DFBSD) I
tried cutting and pasting termcap entries with no success (could be my
own incompetence).

I'll try Matt's csh environmental function... but if there is more to it
could someone please post details so I can try next time I have a DFBSD
up? (me also has problems with screen session TERM/TERMCAP issues, all

BTW - this is the reason I'm not using BSD on my workstation yet.

// George

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