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George Georgalis george at
Sun Aug 15 21:25:41 PDT 2004

On Sun, Aug 15, 2004 at 08:33:43PM -0700, Eli Scot wrote:
>At the same time, though, Flash is slowly becoming a necesity on the
>web.  It's definitely annoying here on my x86-64 linux box - just about
>every other page asks me if I want to install the plugin.  I don't think
>you'll be able to stop flash, unfortunately.  Plus, there's one thing
>that flash does really well that PHP really can't touch yet -
>animation.  I mean...strongbad, man! =)  Something that would be nice is
>a nice, opensource, SVG-based web animation program to mimic what flash

swf player, swf-player, etc are some of the names, there are lots
of open projects to play the files, never tried 'em. Of course
that's viewers, not creators, unless you count
vnc2swf - a recording tool that takes all actions done through a VNC
session and writes them out to a Macromedia Flash format file.

Which is pretty darn cool if you have flash.

I acquired some macromedia software recently and was impressed with the
licensing. It's really the best commercial license I've seen. Including
multiple installs and easy transfer to other parties.
Macromedia Product Activation Center
Home / Products / Product Activation Center / Tour

Drawback being you have to run it on Mac or 'PC'...  There's that bit
about "Macromedia may audit your use of the Software for compliance
with these terms" in the player license too, which really stinks, but I
cannot imagine them using that (once) and staying in business too.

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