/boot/ directory path

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon Aug 9 09:42:50 PDT 2004

:Sounds like a challenge to me :-)
:Anyway, it actually seemed to have the desired effect as far
:as `loader' goes, and I'm finally able to boot straight into
:DragonFly on my Firewire disk on this ten-year-old machine.
:Anyway, I'm overjoyed, because now I'm free of BIOS limitations
:on partition geometry or numbers or physical hardware, as I
:plan to use this principle for /cboot (FreeBSD-current), /5boot,
:/3boot (FBSD RELENG_x), and whatever else will fit.  As for the
:trouble it saves me (setting up a disk in the traditional way
:to boot as many as ten different OSen), what trouble I found
:was well worth it.

    Hey, this is great.  Its an interesting concept to be sure,
    albeit with some severe limitations for general use (e.g. most
    people will already have their systems sliced up and not be
    doing a fresh install).  On the otherhand, there is a very
    real chance that we can either find a filesystem format that multiple
    operating systems would support, or we can port other OS's 
    boot-specific issues to provide a true multi-boot capability
    for those willing to repartition / start fresh.  Still definitely
    not a mainstream approach, but worth revisiting in a few months
    to see how you have settled into it.


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