My syncing disks problem

Jean-Marc Zucconi jmz at
Sun Aug 8 03:47:33 PDT 2004

>>>>> Matthew Dillon writes:

 >     So, here is a patch to try.  I only give it a 30% chance of working
 >     due to the huge number of guesses I have made above.

I will try it tommorrow (I am out of town today).

 >     Another thing I would like you to try, Jean-Marc, if the above does not
 >     work, is to manually sync the system by typing 'sync' on a root shell
 >     prompt.  Do it like five or six times, then shutdown and see if the
 >     problem still occurs.

Of course I already tried it (and more than six times :-)). The only
way to shutdown the system properly is to kill -TERM 1; umount
disks; umount -u -r /; halt


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