Some questions on updating.

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Aug 7 10:36:44 PDT 2004

:Why is this order recommended?  I've always built and installed world
:first so that the kernel would be rebuilt with the new tools.  Does
:buildkernel now use the tools under /usr/obj if they are present?

    buildkernel always uses the tools built by buildworld that are sitting
    in /usr/obj.  nativekernel uses whatever is currently installed on the
    system to build the kernel.

    You want to install the kernel first because you might not be able to
    after having installed a new world that is incompatible with the existing
    kernel.  Of course, whether that can actually happen in practice... I
    think it happened once in FreeBSD-5 land when they changed the signal

					Matthew Dillon 
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