cvs and new distributions

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at
Sun Aug 29 06:41:22 PDT 2004


either I am just plain dumb (hey it happens) or something is not quite right
in our CVS scripts.

After the issue I had with openssl-0.9.7d I decided to track something.

Now with bind9.2.4rc7 I extracted it into src/contrib, then proceded to
clean it all up so it is ready to add.

When you do a cvs add bind9.2.4rc7, it adds the top level directory and
emails it off.

You cannot do a commit at this point because it will complain about the
files underneath it not having been registered for CVS inclusion.
Now if you do cvs add bind9.2.4rc7/* it will add the files and the
directories AND sent an email PER directory (which caused my problem).

Am I missing an parameter or something here?  Can't recall any specialised
mojo for CVS to do this so I am pondering the CVSROOT perl scripts might be
on the fritz.

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