[OT] dfports usage

Francis fDONTSPAMgudin at nerREALLYDONTim.net
Fri Aug 13 07:18:38 PDT 2004

Hi there,

i've got a question, somewhat unrelated with the group's topic, but have
no other place to post, so:
Can i safely use portupgrade and the like (as portmanager, portsman,
etc.) with dfbsd ? I didn't quite understood the way dfports and ports
are tied together: if i see an override, should i cd to /usr/dfports and
make install there, or keep the old way of make'ing in
/usr/ports/category/port/ ?

I'd greatly appreciate any pointers to documents or discussions i might
missed through my googling.

Thank you,
Francis - happy new user of DragonFly !

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