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Chris Pressey cpressey at
Wed Sep 3 14:22:43 PDT 2003

On Wed, 03 Sep 2003 15:14:49 -0500
Robert Garrett <rg70 at xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It looks like where we are at is...
> 1. RCNG scripts need to be taught how to tell rc.conf how
>    to execute them.
> 2. Apache needs to be brought in to the base.
> 3. PHP4 needs to be brought in.
> 4. Links/Elinks needs to brought in.
> This allows work to begin on the actual user interface design.
> 5. Break up make release so we have a bootable live intstallation
> image.
> Is this a correct understanding of the discussion so far?

I still have some questions.

What does the NG in RCNG stand for?  I read the paper (the PDF file that
was linked to a couple of messages back,) but it didn't mention "RCNG". 
(Basically it looks like FreeBSD's rc.d setup plus some appropriate
abstractions, which I like very much.  And I still kinda like the idea
of /etc/rc.d (maybe even /etc/ itself) being its own pseudo-filesystem
mount fwiw.)

And - why do Apache, PHP4, and [e]links need to be "in the base"? 
AFAICT they only need to be on the live CD.  The paranoid sysadmin in me
cringes at the thought of not being able to uninstall them afterwards
without crippling my system.

Oh yes, one more thing: Matt wrote:

>	[ ] Start a shell on this console (for serial-console users).  A
>	    full CD-based environment is available.

I'm not sure at all how that would work.  I'm assuming, if you're on a
serial console, [e]links would be run in text mode on that box - so
selecting this link would AFAICT have to make [e]links quit and make a
shell start.  If that's the case, I think it might be easier just to say
that, if you're installing from a serial console, quit [e]links and
you'll be dropped into a shell.  Or, present the option before [e]links
is even started.  Or, I'm completely misunderstanding how this would


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