packaging system (was: Re: GCC 3.3.2 kernel)

ibotty me at
Fri Oct 31 03:54:44 PST 2003

> Nah, I don't get easily offended [...]
> Also, sometimes for the sake of the argument I state things rather black
> and white in clear words.  That's never meant as a personal attack or
> something.

eric s raymond said in one of his essays, that in the distributed
development world, there is no time to be polite (unfortunately i do not
have the url handy, someone?).

i hope, this folks on this ml continue to state things clearly, and do not
get offended.

after all, we are not at hacker at xxxxxxxxxxx, so we do not have a phk@
around. (well they dont have him now either, but who knows?)


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