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Well, I havent started coding anything yet, but I think there should be a good 
way to do binary updates.  Ports is a good build system, but perhaps we 
should build the logic into it to make packages so not everybody has to spend 
a whole day compiling for whatever reason.  Im only on a pIII 600 here, and 
stuff like mozilla or X is painful.  The nice thing about debian is with a 
list of packages, you can go from fresh install to everything needed in about 
an hour.  I dont really care about the backend, but I think a binary update 
system is a must.


On Thursday 30 October 2003 10:10, Ryan Dooley wrote:
> [snip]
> >>>The tool I've been thinking of is kinda like apt + dpkg in one, but
> >>>some extras thrown in like the ability to lock package versions, and
> >>>it's gonna need a good system for handling duplicate entries (kinda
> >>>like /etc/alternatives on debian but much better)
> [big snip]
> > An apt-like system is something I'd like to see, but I want to stress
> > that I want to see portupgrade go away. Although it serves a need, it's
> > a need that needs to be serviced by the packaging system. And the
> > packaging system should be able to do a better job than portupgrade does
> > now.
> O.k... I'll say it (let me find my kevlar vest... :-)  Why not RPM?
> There, it was said :-)
> I'm not a big fan of RPM but the OpenPKG folks choose it for project
> (which I happen to really like on Debian :-)
> The OpenPKG mentioned that they needed some sort of package management
> system because it was unclear whether or not they could have written one
> to be more successful then others out there.
> There is also portage from Gentoo which I tend to think is the best of
> both the apt-get and ports.
> Just more food for thought.  I do agree that requirements should be
> discussed first but not taboo's.  Be open about it.  If it makes sense
> to use one that is already out there great, if it make more sense to
> write one up, equally good.
> Cheers,
> Ryan

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