USB Mouse

Emiel Kollof coolvibe at
Tue Oct 28 02:03:40 PST 2003

* Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai (asmodai at xxxxxx) wrote:
> Quick question,
> anyone else using an USB mouse with a very recent DragonFly?  Does it
> work?

Yes, me. And yes, it did work without problems. But I have it hooked up
on ps2 again (with a handy dandy usb->ps2 adapter) since I wanted to be 
able to use QNX on another disk. 

On a totally unrelated note: I saw something in UPDATING about being
able to compile DFBSD with the TenDRA/Ten15 compiler. Since the TenDRA
compiler has a lot of different options and doesn't understand some gcc
ones (like -pipe et al), is there any plan to get this to work? It would
be nice to have a BSD-licensed compiler in BSD instead of a GNU one :)


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