DragonFly and FBSD 5.1

Soren Schmidt sos at spider.deepcore.dk
Mon Oct 27 09:01:08 PST 2003

It seems Matthew Dillon wrote:
>    Soren has made a lot of changes between the version we have and the one
>    in 4.9-RC4, but most seem to be just reorganization.  Yet obviously
>    something broke.  Perhaps you and Soren can figure out why your disk isn't
>    working any more in 4.9-RC4 by comparing 4.8-S and 4.9-RC4.  If you do
>    I'd appreciate a head's up.

Well I dont do much on 4.x anymore (lack of time), and the changes
there are more or less to get PAE to work and not done by me.

However, there are some very radical changes in -current which are 
needed (one could say mandatory) for supporting many of the new controllers
appearing these days, but thats a totally different story..


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