Kip's checkpointing code is now in the tree.

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Oct 19 22:17:39 PDT 2003

    Oh, and I will just add:  This is fric'n *COOL* feature!  Just
    for yuchs, load up the module and start a cat /usr/share/dict/words
    going, then ^E it.  Then ^C it and 'checkpt -r cat.ckpt' to restart
    the one as of your checkpoint.  That is soooo cool.

    It works with tar to, at least a simple 'tar cf'.  It won't work with
    tar z since that uses a pipe to gzip internally.

    It doesn't work with the 'primes' program. e.g. 'primes 1'.  I don't know
    why yet.  And there are still issues... things don't always restore
    properly.  Anyone willing to help, it's all in the tree now and easy
    to play with.


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