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Hiten Pandya hmp at
Sun Oct 19 01:47:48 PDT 2003

David Cuthbert wrote:
Matthew Dillon wrote:

    I don't think we want to integrate document generation into the 
    code.  The problem is that you can't get too wordy without making the
    source unreadable, and the result are usually definitions so 
sparse as
    to be useless for understanding any serious API.

Yeah, Doxygen (and JavaDoc) both result in code that's more sparse than 
I care for, making it more difficult for maintainers.  For users of the 
code, though, the indices and cross-reference tables that result are 
quite valuable.
	I would rather prefer documenting the necessary/important
	functions by hand in a DragonFly Kernel Handbook, which keeps
	things clean, and also allows detailed explanations.
	I have already tried doxygen'ing the DFly source code, and it
	is not healthy site at all!

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