/usr/dports now exists

Ross Nelson rossNO at raSPndoAMmdata.net
Sat Oct 11 07:26:42 PDT 2003

Whoops, it's been a while since I've used OE for anything, let alone
newsgroups.  Wrong display name.  :)  [stupid wizard!]

"dragonfly" <rossNO at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
news:3f881011$0$268$415eb37d at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > It would certainly be nice to work with DragonflyBSD as well but I
> > think dports and
> > dports would confuse the end user.
> I may sound like a total idiot here, as I'm still a beginner to BSD and
> don't know much about the ports systems; however, wouldn't it work to put
> everything as subdirs of /usr/ports, or would that break a bunch of
> automation scripts/apps?  (/usr/ports/darwin, etc)
> Ross

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