Paul Jarc prj at
Fri Oct 10 10:06:54 PDT 2003

Mike Porter <mupi at xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We are talking about having not just 'regular' symlinks, where you
> could use a script like your 'sp-version' to change the symlinks,
> but 'variant' symlinks, which can point different places depending
> on your environment.


> So a user might type 'gcc --version' and get 3.4, but when you are
> building the kernel (or world), the system uses gcc-2.95.4 (or
> whatever version the kernel requires)

Ah.  ATM, I just use a wrapper script called "gcc" to handle that.
It's found first in my $PATH, but it checks an environment variable
and adjusts $PATH accordingly, then execs the real gcc.


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