Anybody working on removing sendmail from base?

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Wed Oct 1 18:48:41 PDT 2003

Mike Porter <mupi at xxxxxxxxx> wrote in
news:200310011747.49198.mupi at xxxxxxxxx: 

> If I was looking through /usr/local/, I would be able to
> see whatever is installed /usr/local/gcc-2.95.4 and
> /usr/local/gcc-3.4.n, and know that by setting $GCC_VERSION I could
> type, e.g., 'set GCC_VERSION=2.95.4; gcc --version' and get "2.95.4"
> then type 'set GCC_VERSION=3.4.n; gcc --version' and get "3.4.n" 

The one issue I can think of is: if a user types 'gcc', which version do
they get?  There's going to be (possibly) versions brought in through
ports, for the base system, and by the user.  

What happens when you have Perl installed, and a number of CPAN
libraries?  Those libraries are going to be installed for one version of
Perl, and not another.  The same problem from FreeBSD-4, realized

Having to set the correct link at the user level could just be an
intense headache, especially since there would be additional program
versions brought in 'automagically' by ports, in theory.  Plus, there is
a certain expectation that the program you install and the program you
run should be the same thing. 

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