another thing I noticed (scheduling?)

Kenneth Culver culverk at
Thu Oct 16 06:39:09 PDT 2003

    Just another thing I noticed last night while using DragonflyBSD.
Interactivity suffers immensely when the cpu is at 100%. I was compiling java
1.4.1 from ports last night, and trying to use the gimp to resize some pictures
at the same time. It took 15 seconds to simply load a jpg file (normally it's
almost instant, even under heavy cpu load). Also, during the compile, just
starting the gimp, or any other moderately large program would just stall until
I ctrl-z'ed the build to pause it. The progress bar when gimp loads would
literally just stop moving until I paused the build.

This looks to me like a scheduling problem, but I can't remember reading
anything on the website saying that you changed the scheduler. Anyway, this is
just to let people know what I saw when using DragonflyBSD. I realize that it's
very much a development system, so I'm not (yet) expecting it to be anywhere
near perfect, but telling people what I'm seeing should help fix the problems
right? Anyway, if there's any other info anyone needs, let me know.


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