shared memory borked?

Kenneth Culver culverk at
Mon Jul 28 06:49:11 PDT 2003

> I admit, my DF is from thursday and I need to update it to the work that
> has taken place during the weekend, but nonetheless I wanted to report
> it here.
> Mozilla 1.5, compiled wednesday on the FreeBSD-STABLE 4.8 of that same
> day is now giving me:
> Gdk-WARNING **: shmget failed: error 2 (No such file or directory)
> I've also seen that while running window maker, wrlib reports it
> couldn't allocate a shared memory segment.
> Recompilation of glib and gtk doesn't solve anything.
> I'll try a new kernel tonight.
> Anyone else seeing this?
It's possible that you just don't have enough shm set aside in the kernel.
Try setting these:


I'm not sure if you really need kern.ipc.shmall, but basically just set
these to some higher number than they are right now.


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