Remove BIND, Sendmail, Perl and etc from base?

Floid jkanowitz at
Thu Jul 24 02:41:52 PDT 2003

In dragonfly.kernel, you wrote:
>  From a user/sysadmin point of view I am all for a package system like 
> the one debian.

[Obligatory fanboy drool for Matt and all others moving the project!]

Not to beat a dead horse here, but it seems like maybe you/we want:

-A system for maintaining/manipulating package builds from source;

-A system for installing said binaries, wherever they came from, in a
 managed/manageable way.

Ports can be used this way (make package), but few take advantage of it,
because the tools for dealing with packages aren't really there;
pkg_add, pkg_delete, and now pkg_deinstall fighting with the latter.

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