dynamic /bin /sbin

ibotty me at ibotty.net
Wed Jul 23 17:32:43 PDT 2003

> :do you plan to have a dynamical
> :linked /bin and /sbin?
>    Well, I'm not rabid about it but generally speaking I like the safety
>    that static binaries give you.  I've blown away libc enough times over
>    the years that It's nice to be able to still be able to reboot into
>    single-user to fix it.

this is a point, although, i think the advantages outweight the
(consider someone using dragonfly-stable, he will not likely corrupt his
libc, but one security alert may pop up in libc. he will have to rebuild
/bin and /sbin... and he does loose much space.)

btw: it should be possible, to always have one *working* libc, so that
depending on LD_PRELOAD (or something more sophisticated, once you get to
environments), this working libc could be used.

taking that to the extreme, dragonfly could always have a working set of
libraries, that belong to the stable environment.
so cp and friends might use this env, when/if problems occure.

a static /bin/sh, from now on sash, (and /sbin/init, but this should remain
static, imo) would be enough. sash would just set the environment to the
stable env and it would all work.

just my 2¢


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