Remove BIND, Sendmail, Perl and etc from base?

ibotty me at
Wed Jul 23 01:50:41 PDT 2003

> Good, have the ability of build the source (like ports) is great. Because,
> many apps have the options to enable or disable in the compile such as
> Gnome apps. For example, if I want AbiWord to compile with Gnome support.
> If someone don't even want to have AbiWord with the Gnome support. 

$ apt-cache search abiword|grep abiword
abiword - WYSIWYG word processor based on GTK2
abiword-common - WYSIWYG word processor based on GTK2
abiword-gnome - WYSIWYG word processor based on GTK2/GNOME2
abiword-plugins - Plugins for AbiWord

on debian (major) configure flags result in different packages.
than the common part is split apart.

(as you might see, this does need far more time to write the build script,
so we may end up only having abiword-gnome and abiword (maybe +


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