Does this code compile and run at present?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Jul 17 00:25:31 PDT 2003

:Does this code compile and run at present?
:What do I need, in terms of cross-compilation or whatever?
:Do I need to install on top of a particular release of FreeBSD,
:or will any 4.x version work?
:I would like to get this up and running at home, though at
:present, I'd probably be better suited to providing first
:time user documentation, if I can get some initial hints
:from you guys on what to do, and get the machine up, I can
:provide that.

    It basically compiles and installs just like a FreeBSD-4.x kernel.
    It is based on a June 4.x kernel and I haven't intentionally broken
    any system calls (yet).  It should compile for UP and SMP.
    A FreeBSD-4.x userland should work with it though, of course,
    things like ps, libkvm, systat, modules, etc would have to be recompiled.

    Despite all the work I've done on it so far it is still essentially
    4.x, just with a light weight kernel threading subsystem as the core.
    I'm not belittling my own efforts... getting it that far was a lot of
    work!  But it's internalized in the kernel.  Even the DEV and VFS work
    (which come next), which represent major rewrites of the I/O subsystem,
    will be mostly internalized and not be very visible to userland.

:I could probably also wrange some time to work on install
:stuff, if you have a direction in mind enough to share it.
:I won't be able to provide code for a while, since we are
:all currently working our butts of on the "Panther" release
:of MacOS X, and I tend to get the kernel crashes that are
:mysterious and non-repeatable, but I hope to be able to
:contribute code in the future.

    I think the timing is good here.  The work that needs to be done next
    is still major internalized infrastructure work.  Work cannot begin on
    the packaging system for probably another few months because (in my
    vision at least) it is going to depend on being able to run a VFS overlay
    on top of the entire system to automatically detect dependancies and
    conflicts, and to provide a runtime environment that isolates only the
    particular versions of the libraries and support files required by
    the package.

:PS: You guys should present at one or more of the upcoming
:BSD User Group meetings SVBUG's nest one is on Aug 7th, and
:BABUG's next one is (presumably) on Aug 17th.  You might
:also consider BayLISA (Tommorow night 7:30 to 9:30 in
:Cupertino at Apple DeAnza Buliding 3 - South on 280 to where
:it crosses CA-85, first exit on the right *after* CA-85,
:which is DeAnza Blvd exit, right turn at the light, left turn
:the the next light, first building on the right, first right
:into the parking lot).
:-- Terry

    Gads, do people actually go to those things? :-).  The BABUGs
    sound like a good idea, actually.  BayLISA is a little too soon,
    I could give a talk but it would be rather disordered.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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