new sysinstall

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Sun Aug 31 20:30:32 PDT 2003

Chris Pressey <cpressey at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
news:20030831193811.5b055272.cpressey at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: 

> Or maybe someone could just start me off with why sh + C isn't good
> enough.  Sure, maintainability is an admirable goal, but in my
> experience, there's no language that automatically grants you that. 
> I'd much rather work on someone else's well-thought-out,
> well-commented, well-written sh script, than their poorly-thought-out,
> poorly-commented, poorly-written Perl/Python/Ruby/Tcl/PHP program. 
> *Especially* if it's not "really" Perl/Python/etc, but a crippled fork
> with its own quirks. 

As long as the web server's there to present the interface, you still
could use sh + C.    I think what's being decided is not what will be
used, but what it will be possible to use. 

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