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Richard Coleman richardcoleman at
Sun Aug 31 07:17:31 PDT 2003

With all the messages in this wandering thread, I've gotten lost.  Matt, 
can you explain what you have in mind again, please?

Richard Coleman
richardcoleman at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Matthew Dillon wrote:

:Something small like thttpd would work as a plain server.  Or would Apache 
:module support be useful in  the future?
:In any case, this sounds darn good to my uneducated ear.

    Apache is fairly small, a complete install of Apache2 is less then 4MB I
    think.  We should probably just use Apache2.
    PHP5 looks very cool but it does depend on Python and a number of other
    things, so it takes a lot of CD space.  Maybe we could start with PHP4,
    which is also only around 4MB installed.  PHP5 could be an upgrade path
    for us down the line.
    The more I research this option, the more I like it.  Small, compact,
    easy to run, portable, multiple display options, remote install
    capability... it seems to take care of all the issues.
					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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