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On Sun, 31 Aug 2003 01:13:33 +0100, Steve Mynott wrote:

> Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
>> Purely from a user perspective, I want to note that having to deal with
>> a "system perl" vs. a "user perl" on FreeBSD has been an incredible
>> annoyance, especially when trying to work with projects that require
>> multiple modules and/or particular versions of Perl.  I'd like to not
>> have that hassle again.  
> This isn't a problem just on FreeBSD but Solaris as well with the system 
> perl and you need to install another Perl namespace since from the Perl 
> programming perspective the system one is outdated.
> I think its a mistake having a "system language" like perl in the path 
> as /usr/bin/perl and it would be better to "hide" the system language 
> from third party scripts and modules with a name like 
> /usr/bin/perl5.005__03 and then have the "user language" installed 
> through ports (or an updated package system).
> Although I suppose the best long term solution is different applications 
> having different views of some sort of virtual filing system.

If you have read the 'Remove BIND, Sendmail, Perl and etc from base?'
thread created by me and I think this is near (3/4?) a real solution.
Install them as package and it should be easier for us to upgrade or

The 1/4 is that... We will have to make sure the upgrade of package or so
won't break the system.


> -- Steve

-- 's moderator, mezz.

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