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Sat Aug 30 15:05:30 PDT 2003

:Also, what will be the minimum requirements for this? I see that the ISO
:is at 164MB. I am assuming that there is no X11 or 3rd party apps
:included. How much disk space will a minimal install use?
:Also, will Perl continue to be kept in the tree?
:Sorry for all of the questions, but I'm interested. I hope all of my
:sysinstall questions apply.

    This is a very good question.   This is where having a fully live CD
    rather then a CD full of compressed packages really helps us.  Even though
    we cannot put as much on CD #1 as we would like... X, for example, is
    around 323MB installed, the fact that we have a 100% live image means
    that we can *RUN* the programs directly from the CD if necessary.

    This means that we can depend on it all being available in both the 
    stage-1 and stage-2 installations even if the disk would not otherwise
    be able to fit all of it.  e.g. stage-1 could detect that the disk is
    too small and automatically mount /usr/X11R6, /usr/share, etc.... (as
    necessary) from the CD when it reboots into stage-2.

    I do not think we should try to support CD-less installations.  I know
    that is a little harsh, but from my point of view the same people who
    need to install machines without CD's are also the same people who have
    the expertise to do it manually.  We could create a floppy that supports
    NFS mounting via the LAN and gain access to the installer that way
    (again the fact that CD #1 is a 100% live image helps), but that is as
    far as I would go.

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