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Robert Garrett rg70 at
Sat Aug 30 12:49:00 PDT 2003

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Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:

> Lately Robert Garrett told:
>> Basically this is what I'm working on currently. the first step was to
>> get the existing code working.
> It would be nice to see your ideas/progress so that more people can
> comment on it
>> P.S. if theres no objections in  a couple of days i'm going to create
>> a release2 directory for the modified scripts.
> I'm very interessted in this part of the system and I'm sure there are
> more people sharing my interest. I'd like to look through at the stuff
> before it's committed and now-it's-there-so-we'll-keep-it-that-way-ized
> (no offence) :)
> cheers
>   simon
Actually I hadn't noticed that tendancy in the dragonfly world.
since you are interested in this part of the system what are your

Robert Garrett

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