Announcing shell machine availability for dragonfly developers

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Aug 29 11:04:54 PDT 2003

    I have plenty of machines but I have also maxed out my 1400VA UPS AND
    the circuit going into the room.  I might be able to turn on one more
    2550 but that's about the limit until I get a bigger circuit breaker


:I have a powerful machine, but I don't have an extra one.
:It sure would be nice if dfbsd ran under some kind of virtual
:machine.  I guess vmware would work, qemu would be awesome.
:I need to get involved with this thing, but don't want to
:dedicate a whole system to it. My wife won't like it if I
:fill the appartment with computers and I don't like the noise
:myself ;)

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