slab allocator process report.

Timothy Wofford explorer273 at
Thu Aug 28 17:22:41 PDT 2003

A question about the slab allocator.  Did you write INTO the the slab 
allocator the undocumented items from malloc?  Or did you use a type of 
wrapper or extra function call for these "gotchas" so that the slab 
allocator is consistent and those programs that need the other items get 
access/use of the slab allocator through the wrapper or whatever?
I'm curious as to not only what choice was made, BUT more importantly 
why that choice was made.

Thank You & Still learning


Matthew Dillon wrote:
    I am making very good progress.   There have been a bunch of minor
    gotchas which are not documented in malloc()... things like malloc()
    being expected to return non-NULL when 0 bytes are allocated (ahc driver
    fails otherwise), and malloc() being expected to return power-of-2
    aligned data for power-of-2 sized requests (the tty code fails in weird
    ways otherwise).  For the moment I am trying to make the slab allocator
    work the same way that existing code expects malloc to.

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