new sysinstall

Tobias Weingartner weingart at
Thu Aug 28 11:23:23 PDT 2003

In article <pan.2003. at xxxxxxxx>, Hiten Pandya wrote:
> 	This is a really good idea.  By powering the configuration with
> 	the use of XML, it would be way easier to generate dependancy
> 	graphs, and easily determine breakage in package hierarchies.

Please don't make this mistake.

> 	With the power of XML, it will make it easier to fish out
> 	description data from the package XML configuration files,
> 	and then use it for automated catalog'ing; thus giving us
> 	the Extra Edge (tm) ;-)

Please don't make this mistake.

XML is not the solution to all configuration languages.  Grep and
friends are a powerfull tool (as are diff and patch) to manage line
oriented information.  These tools are readily available, and could
be very usefull to look/manage/change/compare configurations between

XML only obscures things in this instance.


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