Prototypes for split syscalls

David P. Reese Jr. daver at
Sun Aug 24 23:13:28 PDT 2003

In article <slrnbkj2qj.1p0d.daver at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, David P. Reese Jr. wrote:
> Now that we are splitting copy{in,out} from the actual syscall functions,
> we need a place to put the prototypes for the second level functions.
> Because the second level functions have the name of the ordinary syscall
> suffixed with a numeral one, I think a logical place to put these prototypes
> is in src/sys/sys/syscall1.h.

Also, should these second level syscall functions be prototyped using
arguments of type caddr_t instead of (struct sockaddr *) so that we
don't have to pull in the socket headers, etc... if we don't need them?

I forgot to mention, we need the header to provide the second level
syscall prototypes for the emulation code.  Otherwise, these symbols
could be static.

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