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Except that, for whatever reason, your system might not like booting 
the hard drive in the same way it liked booting off the CD.  While all
your hardware may seem to be supported, either the loader (at any 
or kernel could actually fail on you.  I've seen this happen before on 
machines, and have heard about it happening to other people.  When it
does happen the last thing you want to do is trudge back to sysinstall
and recheck everything (maybe multiple times) to get your system 

I think I am not 100% sold on this idea; not that I have to be or that
my opinion is that
important but I would like to understand this situation better and how
the proposed
solution actually helps solve the problem.  It seems I can still make 
pretty bad
installation even if I install a smaller good one first.

You absolutely can, the problem I think is having the installer fail in
mid-installation or, worse, having your system turn out to be 
after you just spent thirty minutes (or an hour :/) orchestrating
sysinstall is very frustrating, and installing in two stages like this
can alleviate some of that frustration.

I see.  Well chalk that up to luck on my part I suppose :).  I guess I 
haven't experienced
that case before.


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