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Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Mon Aug 18 20:50:16 PDT 2003

Two more cents, and then I'll shutup for the night...

At 7:26 PM -0700 8/18/03, Matthew Dillon wrote:
    Urk!  Where's ut_host[] in utmpx?  I don't see it in the
    specification...  Sigh.  So much for the single unix
Everybody else does seem to have ut_host.

    Maybe I should just adopt the fields in the utmpx.h from
    Linux.  It seems to have everything we need.
Solaris also adds:
         short   ut_syslen;   /* significant length of ut_host */
                              /*   including terminating null */
I did see your later message mentioning "not thread safe", so
this is just fyi.
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