COMPAT_43 and the linuxolator

David P. Reese Jr. daver at
Sat Aug 16 21:22:02 PDT 2003

In article <slrnbjr5c7.2lkl.daver at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, David P. Reese Jr. wrote:
> In article <200308160150.h7G1oqcQ083933 at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Matthew Dillon wrote:
>>     We definitely can't rename COMPAT_43 to COMPAT_LINUX for the
>>     remaining functions.  Could you post an example of the problem
>>     area?  It seems it ought to be possible to convert the linux code
>>     to use the newer syscalls.
>> 					-Matt


> The trouble is that both the casting to a osockaddr struct and the copyout
> happen in the syscall functions.  Thus it sounds like we need to implement
> the legacy syscalls in the linux emulation code.


I think I found a worthwhile solution to the problem.  Sorry for the noise.
Patches within the week.  Jr. Kernel Hacker in training.

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